Author Guidelines (After Acceptance)


If your paper is accepted for publication, authors will be prompted with an email notification on the decision of your manuscript with the acceptance letter. All manuscripts accepted are subject to a minimum charge of RM 350 / USD 86 starting publishing year of 2021. This is the article processing charge (APC) used to cover the publishing costs, website and administrative.

The editor may decide to waive this charge in exceptional circumstances. The Editor will perform a technical check on the manuscript deeming its quality and preparation of the manuscript. If necessary, the article will be returned to the author for further clarification. Charges may apply.

Proof Corrections
The paper will then proceed into production once the necessary documents have been received. Authors will be notified by email when the PDF proof is ready for final checking before publication. Proofs must be returned to the Production Editor within two (2) days of receipt.
Authors are given the flexibility of correcting the proof once before the finalized proof is released. Subsequent corrections will be charged. Hence, authors are reminded to perform a thorough checking on the galley proof.

Article Retraction/Removal
If author wishes to retract/remove their article, the author may write into the Editorial Office and stating their justification. However, this action is highly discouraged by the Journal once the Journal had accepted the manuscript for publication. The Journal has provided full publishing services and the Journal is only able to recoup this investment through the APC. Any retraction/removal does not detract from the publishing services provided or from our ongoing maintenance of the scientific record.

Article Withdrawal without Notification after Acceptance
This is a serious offence in the ethics of publishing. Authors should bear the responsibility of their manuscript submission and progress in a journal. If the Journal does not receive any reply from the author after acceptance within two weeks, the Journal assumes that the author withdraws their article. This will affect the author’s reputation as ḤALĀL REVIEWS adheres to the ethics of publishing seriously.